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How does DoMyWork help me?

If you have any type of project that needs to be done/completed, eg. a computer program, a painting and decorating job, a guided tour arranged, or any other job, whatever the level of expertise involved, you submit the details here where it is viewable to all staff of DoMyWork.

You need to submit the job details in addition to the price you're willing to pay for completion of your work. You also need to inform us when you want the work to be completed (deadline).

Essentially you're offering a job. You're being your own boss!

Members of staff interested in offering their services to you are then put forward and, before you select who to work on your project, you are able to view their qualifications and resumes in staff profiles in addition to their approval ratings from previous customers.

How much does this service cost?

There is no service charge or fee for users who submit their work.

Who works for DoMyWork?

Anyone can sign up for a DoMyWork staff account. Members of staff are encouraged to produce a quality resume. The resume and the feedback from their previous jobs will help you decide who to choose to work on your projects.

How do I pay the member of staff who works on my project?

After you accept a member of staff to work on your project, you send us your payment, via credit/debit card or paypal, which we then keep for you in your secured account. Only after you have received job satisfaction and have approved the funds, will they be transferred to the member of staff concerned. This guarantees that staff put in every effort to achieve the results required.

How does DoMyWork make profit?

You, as the user, only pay the price agreed between you and the project worker, nothing extra. However, when a project is completed and approved by both client and staff, we then transfer the project payment to the member of staff concerned minus 10% DoMyWork fee. This covers credit/debit card or paypal transactions, user advertising, dispute handling and site costs. As you can see, a very reasonable fee with no hidden extras for you!

What happens if I am unsatisfied with the completed work/project?

You can either choose to fail the project or pass it only partially, i.e. 50% of the project accepted as complete. We then transfer 50% of the project payment to the worker and refund the remainder to you (Note: Users are charged a small transfer fee for a refund to cover bank charges. This is NOT a fee for DoMyWork. ) However, the worker must agree with the userís decision, whether it is to fail him or to pay him only in part. If a member of staff disputes the userís decision, DoMyWork administration will investigate the matter, examine the project and contact both parties to conclude whether the work has been completed satisfactorily or not.

Can I choose who I wish to work on my projects?

Yes. You can invite a particular staff member to work on your project and he can choose whether to accept or decline your invitation. In addition, staff can also request to do the work in question and you can then accept or decline this request. Staff resumes and feedback from both staff and users are viewable to all members to assist them when making these decisions.

Is there any site which is similar to DoMyWork?

No. DoMyWork is a completely new idea. There is a site that has a few features in common with DoMyWork. However, DoMyWork is unique in that it allows people to work on any kind of job/project, regardless of the level of expertise involved. Furthermore, it doesn't use a bidding system, it is UK based and it is the cheapest to use.

How are user and staff disputes handled?

Although the majority of transactions are completed harmoniously, now and then a user and worker may fail to reach an agreement. In such a situation, a user or worker can simply request DoMyWork admin to investigate the matter. This will determine what has or has not been delivered.