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User FAQ

Staff FAQ

How does DoMyWork help me?

If you have any type of project that needs to be done/completed, eg. a computer program, a painting and decorating job, a guided tour arranged, or any other job, whatever the level of expertise involved, you submit the details here where it is viewable to all staff of DoMyWork.

You need to submit the job details in addition to the price you're willing to pay for completion of your work. You also need to inform us when you want the work to be completed (deadline).

Essentially you're offering a job. You're being your own boss!

Members of staff interested in offering their services to you are then put forward and, before you select who to work on your project, you are able to view their qualifications and resumes in staff profiles in addition to their approval ratings from previous customers.

How much does this service cost?

There is no service charge or fee for users who submit their work.

Who works for DoMyWork?

Anyone can sign up for a DoMyWork staff account. Members of staff are encouraged to produce a quality resume. The resume and the feedback from their previous jobs will help you decide who to choose to work on your projects.

How do I pay the member of staff who works on my project?

After you accept a member of staff to work on your project, you send us your payment, via credit/debit card or paypal, which we then keep for you in your secured account. Only after you have received job satisfaction and have approved the funds, will they be transferred to the member of staff concerned. This guarantees that staff put in every effort to achieve the results required.

Why should I work for DoMyWork?

You can make a lot of money doing the things you enjoy. You can choose which project to work on. You have the opportunity to build a good resume which attracts users to choose you to work on their projects. Whatever your skills, there can be a lot of potential work for you.

What does this service cost?

DoMyWork charges a fee of 10% of the total project price which covers credit/debit card or paypal transactions, user advertising, dispute handling and site costs.

How do I get paid?

We transfer project payments to your account after you have completed the project. You need to store your requested payment method in your account under Account Settings in your member's area.

How can I promote myself to make customers more likely to accept my offers?

You can do this by building a quality resume. Here are some typical things you can do to increase your chances of being offered a job:
1) Build a quality resume.
2) Give extra information about yourself.
3) Add your own website to your profile.
4) Display a personal Photo.
5) List your areas of expertise and certifications.