Out with the old! In with the new!

The new design of DoMyWork is nearly complete. Please bear with us during the design changing phase. We will be putting a lot of effort into improving the site within the coming months as well as beginning our marketing campaign. You can check the old design of the site here


New Design for DoMyWork

DoMyWork has received valuable feedback from many Internet communities and we have come to the conclusion to redesign the site graphically moving a away from the dark pictorial design to a lighter simpler design.


DoMyWork is finally scheduled to go live in September 2006

I have been working on DoMyWork for 8 months and will constantly be improving it over the coming years. I believe DoMyWork can be a great success. People can submit any assignment/project and they will instantly be viewable to people working for DoMyWork. Anyone can be a member of DoMyWork's staff, you'll need to create an online CV and users can choose whether or not to choose you to work on their projects. The idea is to get people working together.