Staff Help

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Why should I work for DoMyWork?

You can make a lot of money doing the things you enjoy. You can choose which project to work on. You have the opportunity to build a good resume which attracts users to choose you to work on their projects. Whatever your skills, there can be a lot of potential work for you.

What does this service cost?

DoMyWork charges a fee of 10% of the total project price which covers credit/debit card or paypal transactions, user advertising, dispute handling and site costs.

How do I get paid?

We transfer project payments to your account after you have completed the project. You need to store your requested payment method in your account under Account Settings in your member's area.

How can I promote myself to make customers more likely to accept my offers?

You can do this by building a quality resume. Here are some typical things you can do to increase your chances of being offered a job:
1) Build a quality resume.
2) Give extra information about yourself.
3) Add your own website to your profile.
4) Display a personal Photo.
5) List your areas of expertise and certifications.

What protection is there for DoMyWork staff?

DoMyWork has a number of features to protect their staff members.

Firstly, you can instantly check the reputation of any client. You can review his ratings and read the feedback that previous staff have written about him.

Secondly, by the time you begin work, each client will have already pre-paid the bill for the project. DoMyWork then securely holds it in paypal. This means that you don't have to worry about getting 'stiffed'! If you complete the work as specified, you can be confident of being paid.

Thirdly, should you ever get into a dispute over what has been delivered with the user, you can enlist the help of a 3rd party. Just request DoMyWork admin to investigate. They will look into the matter and determine what has actually been delivered (or not) and what the user (and yourself) has previously agreed to.

How can I communicate with users?

To communicate with users or to ask questions, simply send them a message. The user will be emailed the message and if he or she responds, you will receive his response by email as well. Messages can continue for as long as the two parties need to communicate.

Is there anything like DoMyWork?

No. DoMyWork is a completely new idea. There is a site that has a few features in common with DoMyWork. However, DoMyWork is unique in that it allows people to work on any kind of job/project, regardless of the level of expertise involved. Furthermore, it doesn't use a bidding system, it is UK based and it is the cheapest to use.

How are user and staff disputes handled?

Although the majority of transactions are completed harmoniously, now and then a user and worker may fail to reach an agreement. In such a situation, a user or worker can simply request DoMyWork admin to investigate the matter. This will determine what has or has not been delivered.